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Karen Chan Phillips

Co-Owner & Business Manager

Karen has always admired her sister's talent and passion for the hair industry. Watching Laura grow from a beauty school student to a master stylist and color specialist, she knew that she wanted to be a part of it. When the opportunity to arose to invest in Laura's talent, she jumped on it! With a background in business administration and an entrepreneur's mind, Karen worked closely with Laura to make their vision of a fresh, high end, unique hair salon a reality. Birch is close to her heart and she remains indefinitely grateful to our staff and clients.

Karen graduated with a dual degree from The College of New Jersey in 2006. She has a background in administration previously working for companies like Merecedes Benz USA and ADP. She has taken about half the credits necessary to complete a Masters in Business Adminiistration from Rutgers School of Business. That has since been put on pause to raise a family. In addition to running the Salon along side her sister, she is a full time Realtor with Keller Williams. She is a lifelong resident of Bergen County and truly enjoys being a member of this wonderful community. Along with raising three beaitufl children and running the businesses, she has a passion for travel and creating priceless memories with the family.



Karen Chan Phillips
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